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Ignite Artistic Swimming believes in inclusivity and providing programming for all athletes. If you have an athlete at home who has cognitive or physical disabilities and are interested in trying artistic swimming, we have the program for you!

We offer inclusive training options at all levels. Depending on the goals and needs of your athlete, we can offer programming where your athlete is immersed in the team experience with additional aid, or small ratio, or 1:1 training on developing their artistic swimming skills.


AUA Programming

  • a learn to swim environment for entry level athletes in inclusive or small ratio training environments
  • help with physical literacy development in athletes for balance, coordination and body control
  • low impact sport
  • challenges and room for growth and skill development
  • a great place to build fitness
  • options for competitions and events if athlete/coach are interested in Regional, Provincial and National events
  • a place for athletes to find community through sport
  • a place to help build self confidence, sportsmanship
  • flexibility for athletes and coaches to adapt when needed
  • Programming consists of multiple skill levels, training options and events.
AUA Athletes may choose to train at different levels, based on their goals and interest:
  • AUA High Performance
    • Min 2.25 hrs/wk
    • attends Provincial competitions, and National Competition (If Interested and Qualify)
  • AUA Provincial Excellence
    • 1.5 hrs/wk
    • attend Provincial competitions
  • AUA Regional League
    • 45 mins/wk
    • may attend regional competitions if interested

Mixed Ability Programming

Mixed Ability (MA) Programming, is programming that is created for all athletes to be involved with the goal of enjoying the sport.  MA teams and duets are made up of a mixture of AUA Athletes of multiple categories, as well as mainstream athletes from different age groups and levels.

The focus is more on the social aspects of sport and developing leadership and teamwork opportunities for all athletes involved.  It promotes inclusivity , accessibility and fun! 

  • Mixed Ability Duet/Team Training
    • 45 mins/wk
    • may attend competitions
    • This training can be in addition to your current training, or the only program you are involved in as an athlete
    • All ages and ability levels welcome!
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