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supporting neurodiversity in sport

Navigating Neurodiversity in sport Training (NNIS)

What is Neurodiversity?

“Neurodivergent” is a term used to describe those whose neurological function is outside of the norm.  Common forms of neurodivergence include ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and many others.  in fact, one in eight people are considered to be neurodiverse but fewer than 50% know it.


How can ignite help?

Two of Ignite Artistic Swimming coaches have created a Navigating Neurodiversity in Sport (NNIS), Multi Sport Training Course to help coaches build their skills in coaching all of their athletes.


Our Experts

Grace Lockhart

  • BA in Sociology, Gender & Women’s Studies
  • Masters in Critical Disability Studies
  • Competition Development Certified Coach
  • CAO C2C Parasport Mentor
  • Specialty Program Lead and Coach at Ignite Artistic Swimming Club

Candice Larochelle

  • BA in Sociology, INdigenous Studies  & Education
  • Comp Development in Training Coach
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Coach at Ignite Artistic Swimming Club

NNIS Training

This training aims to:
  • Teach coaches of all sports to adapt when faced with behaviours, physical limitations and cognitive differentiation.
  • Offer coaches problem solving tips and tricks so they are comfortable and confident in these situations.
  • Offer a safe space for discussions and questions about NNIS
  • Supporting coaches in coaching athletes who are neurodiverse or who have disabilities.
  • Supporting Judges and referees in interacting with these athletes and how to support them on deck at competitions.
  • Connect with mainstream coaches as well as coaching working with athletes with disabilities.
Modules Covered:
  • What is Neurodiversity
  • Navigating and Coaching Behaviour
  • Navigating and Coaching Physical Limitations
  • Navigating and Coaching Cognitive Differentiation
  • Problem Solving and Resources
  • Intro to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Course is 3 hrs in length and is offered virtually and in person.
Cost is $50, (Ontario Coaches receive PD pts for attending)
Upcoming Training Dates:
  • Please contact Grace Lockhart at splead@igniteartisticswimming.com

"So much of coach training is the technical side of the sport, where this training helps coaches with their adaptability, problem solving and confidence with group management. It gave our coaches a place to openly share and build their skills to help support all of our athletes" - Elly Van Fleet, Head Coach, Ignite Artistic Swimming Club

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