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Fun, Friends and Fitness for kids to mature Adults!  Who doesn’t enjoy swimming – it’s a great way to stay active! Athletes from swimming, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading backgrounds have joined the club’s recreational programs to combine the fun & skills they enjoy into one fantastic sport.

Either as a new challenge for a strong swimmer or as a complement to swimming lessons, our innovative artistic swimming programs offer a fun activity and an introduction to a unique and challenging sport.  

AquaGO! Programming

Ignite uses Canada Artistic Swimming’s AquaGO! Program to introduce the sport to new swimmers. AquaGO! provides participants with a safe, welcoming and inclusive first experience in the sport of Artistic Swimming. The program focus’ on the identified 4 program pillars of Swimming Fundamentals, Artistic Swimming Skills, Athletic Abilities and Flexibility to lay the foundation for potential success in Artistic Swimming. 

 It provides participants the opportunity to learn through exploration and to progressively develop skills through the learning phases of introduction, development, consolidation and accomplishment. It’s goal is to inspire a love of the water and an interest in life-long participation in artistic swimming and other aquatic activities.

"I'm new to synchro....and Brooklyn is absolutely loving it. This is finally the first thing she's done that she's loved, and believe me, we've tried a lot of sports with no luck!:" - Andrea A., AquaGo! Parent

New! Boys Acro Swim

Ignite has built upon the AquaGO! Program as a base for our Boys Acro Swimming class. Through AquaGO!, boys 7-11 years old will learn and develop the 4 program pillars – Swimming Fundamentals, Artistic Swimming Abilities, Athletic Abilities, and Flexibility. For our Acro specific class, we have added a focus on learning enjoyment of aquatic activity and the gymnastic elements of sport.

In Boys Acro Swim, swimmers will lay the foundation for potential success in water sports in a safe and inclusive setting. Participants will develop comfort in the water, body awareness in aquatic environments, and improve all around swimming skill level in the pool. 

Class information

  • AquaGO! program moves swimmers through 6 levels of programming, based on the progress of each swimmer individually under the four program pillars
    • Swimming Fundamentals
    • Artistic Swimming Skills
    • Athletic Abilities
    • Flexibility
  • Coach to swimmer ratio is 1:6
  • 60 min or 90 min class with both water and land sections
    • 60 min class a minimum of swimmer 3 swimming ability
    • 90 min class a minimum of swimmer 5 swimming ability
    • For more information on Swimmer levels click on the Swim For life Progression Chart: Swimming – City of Burlington
  • Sessional programming
    • 9-week sessions: Fall Session, Winter Session and Spring Session
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