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formerly Novice/Teen

Regional League Program

Regional League Program

Regional League (Previously Known as Novice/Teen Synchro) is a program environment based on inclusion, fun, skill development and fairness of competition.  It offers commitment levels that encourage multi-sport/activity involvement, financially accessible way to be involved in Artistic Swimming at a competitive level.  It is a program that limits travelling to the Region, and brings a more relaxed and stress-free competitive environment for swimmer who are new to the sport, or who are lifelong members of the program.  Regional league is based on participation, and skill development and is an inclusive program for all including Athletes with Unique Abilities (AUA) and mix abilities events.

Class information

 Athlete’s do not need any Artistic Swimming experience to join the program, they just need to be able to swim independently in a 25 m pool (recommend a minimum swimming level of Swimmer 5.)

This program trains 2 x per week for 2 hours, including water and land training.  They also attend 2-3 competitions during the season (September to June) and are involved in club activities such as Watershows and other club events. 

We offer programming for 10 and under athletes, 11-12 aged athletes, 13-15 year old athletes and 16-18 year old athletes. 

Artistic Swimming
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