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Developing Champions for Life

Competitive Artistic Swimming


Ignite Artistic offers competitive programs with excellent coaches that promote a very positive, supportive and inclusive Team Culture at the Provincial, National, AUA and Masters’ levels.  Teams are based on Ontario Artistic Swimming’s age based system and Canadian Artistic Swimimng’s ability based system.

Our Programs

Competitive artistic swimming is a challenging sport that provides athletes with many unique skills and opportunities that will last a lifetime.

Our athletes develop a high level of fitness, flexibility, grace, stamina, confidence and pride in their club, their team, themselves and their sport.   As members of a team, swimmers also learn about commitment, sportsmanship, communication, time management and goal setting.

Not only do we build strong athletes – we Develop Champions for life!

Provincial Excellence (PE) Competitive Level

AGES:  10 & UNDER  For young swimmers Ages 10 and under, previous artistic swimming experience is not necessary.   Athletes learn the basics of artistic swimming, fundamental skills and are introduced to a competitive environment in team routines and figures skills.  Teams participate in 4-6 competitions per season including 2 Club Water shows.

AGES:  11-12  For swimmers 12 and younger or new to competitive.  Swimmers focus on greatly improving the basics of artistic swimming with an emphasis on flexibility training, strength training and more sophisticated team routines.  They also are introduced to mental training and higher-level fitness training.  Teams participate in 4-6 competitions per season including 2 Club Water shows.

AGES:  13-15  For swimmers aged 15 and younger (sometimes higher level 11-12 year olds make these teams).  This category may be the most competitive!  The routines become faster, more sophisticated, the training hours are longer, there is a higher level of commitment to the more advanced skills of artistic swimming, fitness training, mental training, being competition ready.  Teams participate in 4-6 competitions per season including 2 Club Water shows.

AGES:  Junior  For athletes that want to continue to participate competitively and improve their advanced skills while competing in Free and Tech routines.  Teams participate in 4-6 competitions per season including 2 Club Water shows.

High Performance (HP) Enrichment training

Ignite offers High Performance Enrichment training in addition to team training hours for athletes who wish to train increased training hours.   This program is open to all PE and AUA athletes.  The program focus’ are:

  • Small coach to athlete training ratios
  • Matching coaching to the needs of the athletes
  • develop training programs and goals based on the needs of the athletes which may include (Depending on athletes goals and needs):
          • Figure development
          • technical skill development
          • flexibility training
          • extension training
          • strength training
          • land figure skills
          • support for extra routine training
          • support for Provincial team trials training

Extra Routines

Ignite’s Provincial and High Performance Competitive programming also provides additional routine opportunities that include routines such as Solos, Duets, Trios, Mixed Ability duet, Mixed Ability Team and Combo or Acrobatic Routines – additional to the team routines. 

These extra routines are offered specially by the Head Coach to eligible swimmers only after teams have been set for the season.

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